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6 Steps to Surrender Your Worries and Fears. Reflections by Manisha Melwani, Teacher, Writer and Speaker

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Are worries and fears making you miserable? You neither like them nor want them, and yet, they show up in your life uninvited, like the pesky junk mail you see in your mailbox.

From the smallest fears of what the weather and traffic will be like for your daily commute to work, to major concerns about your financial and overall well-being in old age, worries and fears are your daily reality.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to surrender them and be totally free? To whom can you surrender them to?

Help from your “One-stop shop”

When you need help, you have to ask someone who has the ability, skills and resources to match your needs.  

For instance, you wouldn’t ask for a financial loan from a friend who is filing for bankruptcy. Or expect your child to advise you on how to manage a difficult relationship. 

Even though your friend and your child love you and are concerned about you, they can’t provide the help you need.

Then there are others who have the capacity to alleviate your worries and fears, but they may not want to help you, or care about you.

So, aside from having the ability, skills and resources, the person whom you ask must sincerely care about you and have your best interests at heart. There should be no hidden motives or expectations.

Is there a generous benefactor who can be your “one-stop shop” for all the help you’ll ever need?

There is indeed. Who better than the limitless, loving universe? You can call it by any name you want—the Source, Creator, God (or any name of God), Higher power, Nature, All-That-Is, and so on.

Yes, I’m serious. And I’m not being religious. It just makes sense. Everyone’s capacities and skills are limited. No one person can give you the help you need in all aspects of your life.

By asking the universe, you can get help for any aspect of your life from one infinite source that never runs dry.

The universe, as its name suggests, has universal intelligence. It is supremely benevolent, with unlimited power and resources to bring you exactly what you need.

There is one catch though—you must be willing to surrender your worries and fears to it.


Most of the time, we don’t ask the universe for help because we don’t have enough faith in it. Even if we do ask, we don’t fully let go of our problems. We hold on to them, worrying about how and where the solution will come.

Here’re the six steps that lead you to surrender your worries and fears to the universe.

The 6 steps to surrender*

1. Maintaining favourable thoughts

The first step is wanting to strengthen your spiritual connection. You are tired of begging for help from others. You feel that people don’t fully understand you or your needs. Or they can’t help you in the situation you are in.

You want to give up control and surrender to the divine higher power. This is maintaining favourable thoughts.

2. Giving up unfavourable thoughts

Next comes a readiness to give up unfavourable thoughts that oppose your desire to surrender.

Worries and fears are the unfavourable thoughts that we must give up. They come from two sources—our desires and attachments.

Our desires lead us to be attached to the things, situations and people that we love. These attachments hold us back from our connection to the divine.

You begin to shift your focus away from your reliance on worldly connections. You gradually move away from people who don’t reflect your values and learn to drop negative self-talk. You start to see the universe as your benefactor.

3. Having faith in the benevolence of the universe

As you build a greater attachment to the divine, you begin to trust it more.

You have faith that no problem is too big or difficult for the universe. It will always provide a solution for you.

Even if things work out contrary to your wishes, you know that the universe will never bring you anything that is harmful to you. This is because it sees the big picture and your long-term growth. And so, you are ready to surrender your worries and fears to it.

How many times have you not gotten what you’d wished for and felt relieved on hindsight, because you realised that it wasn’t the best thing for you?

 4. Actually asking the universe for help

You now put aside your worries, fears and doubts and actually ask the universe for help. “Please help me ….” and you describe the help you need.

5. Surrendering completely to the universe

In this step, not only do you hand over the control of your problems to the universe, but you also surrender yourself completely to it.

“Guide me, help me. I am yours. Let your will be mine,” you pray. You submit yourself wholly to the universe.

6. Expressing your helplessness

Lastly, you express your helplessness and inability in dealing with your concerns.

You continue, “I can’t do this by myself. I don’t even know where to begin. I really need your help. Please take over.”

Have faith and let go

So long as you hold on to your worries and fears and think that you can handle them yourself, the universe doesn’t interfere. But once you sincerely reach out to it for help, it readily comes forward to provide it.

You have to have faith. Read: How to cultivate faith in the higher power.

The universe is always watching out for you, protecting you and bringing you what’s for your highest and best good.

It may not always appear to be so but know that your highest and best good will always promote your spiritual evolution.

*Based on Saranagati—Surrender unto Him by Swami Tejomayananda


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