Delmanor "Inspired Connections" A letter to their community partners

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Let's spread the kindness....

We are all in this together.  As a partner in service to seniors, this has never been more true. We are extremely grateful for your unwavering commitment to Delmanor and our Residents during these challenging times. Our teams are witnessing first hand that adversity brings out the best in people.  We have seen amazing acts of kindness and everyone going above and beyond during this crisis.   

The power of human resiliency and staying connected with one another has never been more important. We want to be able to share the good with others, in the face of adversity. At Delmanor we are referring to these special moments as “Inspired Connections.” We would like to share your personal stories, notes of encouragement and photos. I think we would all agree, that we could use a regular dose of positivity!

Here’s how: Send an email about any of the following:

  • A kindness you have witnessed.
  • Appreciation/recognition of a fellow Delmanor colleague(s).
  • Advice to others about how to stay positive.
  • An uplifting quote or poem.
  • A memory of a time when you faced adversity and emerged victorious.
  • A humorous story, joke or anecdote.
  • A “silver lining” to the current situation.  For example, you might have taken up a new hobby or reconnected with family across the world.
  • Photos are also welcome, so please send those along too.                                                                                                                                                                         

We will post them on Delmanor social media channels like Facebook and Instagram as well as our website with the hashtag #InspiredConnections. You, your family and friends, people across Canada and the world will be able to access these inspiring stories.  

I hope you will share your inspirational moments with us. Please send your submissions to: [email protected]. Stay well and stay strong.


Sheldon Gould,

Chief Operating Officer