Steps to LivingWell™ - Getting Enough Vitamin D

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Canadians don’t get a lot of sunshine in the winter months. Most wake up while it’s still dark out, and by supper it’s dark again.  The result of the shorter days is less natural vitamin D.

Sun is where people get most of their vitamin D, and even on the sunny days, we’re covered up because it’s winter.

Less vitamin D can have adverse effects on health. The nutrient helps bodies break down and use calcium and phosphorous, which maintains stronger bones and teeth.

Our foods don’t naturally have vitamin D, there are very few foods that do, so you can add fortified foods in your diet. In Canada, cow’s milk and margarine must be fortified with vitamin D. Goat’s milk, certain soy beverages, cheese, yogurt and orange juice are also often fortified.

Foods that naturally contain the nutrient are limited to fatty fish, such as salmon or tuna, and egg yolks.

If your diet doesn’t contain these foods, speak to your health care professional about adding a Vitamin D supplement to your daily routine.

And don’t forget to get outside on those less chilly days and tilt your face toward the sun to soak it up right from its most natural source!                            

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