Young Richmond Hill resident comes up with innovative solution to reduce ocean pollution

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Could the vehicles of the future help solve some of the world’s current health, social injustice and environmental issues?

Young Richmond Hill youth Isabella Pan certainly thinks so – and her inspirational concept made her one of the winners of a national innovation and design contest.

Canadian kids were invited to share their dreams for the vehicles of the future as part of the 2020 Toyota Dream Car Art Contest.

First held in 2004, the global contest invites future artists, designers and engineers to share their ideas about the future of mobility. Many of these young people, of course, think beyond transportation as they look to improve the world they know.

Isabella Pan, age 14, from Richmond Hill ,entered an extremely innovative vehicle concept to this year’s contest. If Isabella gets her way, the vehicles of the future will have the ability to transport kids underwater as well as clean the ocean floors to reduce pollution.

She created an octopus-shaped “Tentacles of Hope”  -  a vehicle dives into the ocean to transport children across the sea. The tentacles act as wheels and the suckers grasp the sea floor and suck up pollution in the ocean.

A panel of distinguished Canadian judges were tasked with evaluating the many entries from kids across Canada..

The finalists, including Isabella, will each receive a $250 online retail gift card to DeSerres.

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