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Lake Wilcox Summer Band Concerts

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Herb Gardening Workshop

Come to learn about important herbs that can grow in your house and yard.  

We’ll discuss not only how to grow them, but also how to use them in your cooking, teas and other medicinal ways to improve your health.  

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20s & 30s - Conversation en français à l'extérierer

Ces réunions d'été seront informelles et orientées vers l'initiative, la créativité et la curiosité des participants individuels. Les réunions seront en grande partie autogérées.

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Non-instructional Life Drawing Session at the Mill Pond Gallery

These Non-instructional Life Drawing session are every Sunday.
Bring own materials.   Have easels, drawing hoarse, boards  .  

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Meditation Mondays - Weekly sessions to help you stay focused on your spiritual journey . 3 Session Program

This is a 3 session program - July 22, 29 & August 12th, 10:30 to 11:45 am

How to Start and Succeed in Meditation - Three Techniques that will guarantee success in your meditation practice

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Connecting the Community. A weekly meeting fostering cross sector collaboration

This meeting is cross sector collaboration rather than just networking. All types of people from our community come together to support each other.

This meeting happens almost every Tuesday, 9 to 11 am.

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Tree Maintenance at Ozark Park

Get outside and help maintain newly planted trees!

Together we'll pull invasive plants and add mulch to help these young trees grow into a forest.

High school students can receive volunteer hours for participation.

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Documentary, Summer in the Forest, in memory of Jean Vanier, screened at Hesperus

Summer in the Forest shows multiple residents as they socialize, work, (or in some cases, enjoy their retirement), and reflect on what it means to be happy.  The film presents Vanier, in his late 80's, as he reflects on h

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